Foreign travel

Russia has always been literally at the crossroads of civilizations. Being close both to Europe and Asia, Russia can make an ideal starting point to start your cheap travel to other neighboring countries. Moreover, thanks to the falling ruble there are also lots of package holiday offers to many popular foreign destinations departing from Russia and being proposed at most affordable prices – up to 50 % cheaper than the similar tours departing from Western Europe.

Being an authorized agent of several Russian tour operators (the leaders of the market having great experience and being one of the most reliable providers of travel services), we can both organize your package holidays and individual trips to the following foreign destination.

Former republics of the Soviet Union


Being on the way from Russia to the EU, Belarus is one of the most European republics of the former Soviet Union. Deprived of much natural resources, the country led by the strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko is known for its order, clean streets and law-abiding citizens. Also, Belarus used to be the venue of major global events such as the two World Wars and contains numerous sights of interest, both in its cities (such as the capital city Minsk and Brest near the Polish border) and rural areas (such as Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park that is one of the few remaining sanctuaries of European bison). Also, compared to Russia Belarus is traditionally considered a cheaper destination and host a lot of visitors from neighboring countries.


In a few hours’ flight from Moscow, Kyrgyzstan will surprise its visitors with its hospitality and its beautiful nature will really impress you. The country vested between the mountains is occasionally called “Asian Switzerland” and the landscapes will never let you disappointed. The jewel of the land is the huge Issyk-Kul mountain lake with the incredibly pure water and terrific views over the neighboring Tien-Shan mountains – that is the place not to be missed.


Being a close friend of Russia, Armenia currently does not have a common border with it, however relatively cheap and convenient flights can help you get there from Moscow in just a few hours. The country vested in the beautiful Caucasian mountains has a very ancient culture dating back to the legendary Urartu state and was one of the first to become Christian, thus being in Armenia you can visit a lot of unique monasteries and churches, being as old as those in Palestine. Also, there are dozens of beautiful mountain lakes and fine slopes suitable for most experienced Alpine skiers. Another feature is the local cuisine and national music that you can enjoy at the local restaurants and clubs together with the hospitable local people.

Baltic states

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia being transit countries they are close both to Russia and Western Europe and can be used as transport hubs with a lot of low-cost airlines’ flights and convenient bus and train location. Moreover, you can combine your cheap Russian travel with a stay in these countries in order to compare the cultures and better understand the whole region.

Foreign resorts


There are dozens of charter flights from Russian cities to the Red sea resorts of Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and others, making Egypt one of the cheapest destinations for Russian tourists. The packages provide for the most comfortable 5* star hotels and the prices will most likely pleasantly surprise you.


another foreign destination favored by Russians, Turkish resorts (Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek and others) are glad to host all foreign visitors. The incredibly high class of service at top-class hotels, as well as most affordable prices will help you combine your travel to Russia with fine seaside holidays.

United Arab Emirates

Being the jewel of the Middle East, the ultimate luxury of the Emirates and its ocean beaches can heat you up even in the middle of Russian winter. With both regular and charter flights from Russia, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi or Fujairah can offer you wonderful beach holiday experience, with the most interesting rates proposed by Russian tour operators.


being a second home for many Russians, Thailand is popular with tourist from many other countries as well. Being on the way from Europe to Asia, Russia can boast excellent flight deals for South-East Asia, as well as affordable package holidays proposed by local tour operators. Going to Thailand right after your cheap travel to Russia, you not only save both time and money but also have a unique chance to have fun and combine your sightseeing tour with wonderful beach holidays.