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Golden Ring is a set of several authentic towns around Moscow that are truly considered real peals of Russian spirit & culture with dozens of sites included in UNESCO World Heritage list and are all located within a short drive from Moscow.

Travelling around the Golden Ring with CheapRussia®:

You are able to develop an individual program of your private tour by means of choosing the towns and sites you want to visit.
You have at your disposal a high-quality private vehicle with a driver and a multilingual guide who both accompany you on tour and share lots of interesting information on Russian history & culture during the drive itself;
You are not limited in dining options and are strongly recommended to choose the best restaurants & cafes with the highest Tripadvisor ratings.
You also have at your disposal an extremely wide selection of additional options of truly Russian relax including Russian banyas, swimming in icy water, fishing, collecting mushrooms, horse-riding, visiting a Russian wedding etc.

2-day Golden Ring private tour

Day 1

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Your driver picks you up at your apartment/Hotel in Moscow. You travel in a comfortable private foreign-made vehicle – sedan (up to 3 guests) or mini-van (4-5 guests) with a private multilingual guide of your own. This is a private tour – it means you do not share your vehicle or guide with anyone else!..
The route takes appr. 3-4 hours, on the way your private guide provides you with a lot of valuable information on the history of Russia and the towns you are going to visit. Stops are possible upon your request.
This UNESCO heritage site used to be the ancient gate of the town and nowadays hosts a museum to commemorate the Mongol invasion of Russia that took place in XIII century.
Both objects located in the historic center of Vladimir are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Assumption Cathedral used to be the main cathedral of the Princedom and venue of coronation of Princes, hosting the iconic paintings by the great Andrei Rublev and Daniil Chyorny. St Demetrius Cathedral of Vladimir was built in 1194–1197 as a private chapel of Vsevolod the Big Nest and represents a unique international project of Russian and Byzantine masters, Friedrich Barbarossa's masons, and Georgian carvers.
You have a good selection of top spots in the town included in Tripadvisor list in order to make your choice according to your budget & personal preferences.
Built by founder of Moscow George (Yuriy) the Longarmed this isolated church located in about 6 km from Vladimir is one of the finest examples of white stone architecture of XII century. Even today the Church is separated from modern civilization by railway and a truly Russian field – a scenic walk takes about 10-15 min. The Church itself contains unusual symbols of early Christianity that you are not likely to see on any other Russian church.
The road to Suzdal (apr. 40 km) takes about 30 min. At about 5.30 p.m. you check in at one of the finest hotels of this ancient Russian town.
You have the opportunity to select from the best cafes and restaurants of Suzdal included in Tripadvisor list, a special menu upon your taste can be ordered in advance as well.
after 19:00
After dinner you can either have a stroll across the town to visit its bars (we provide a complimentary transfer back to the Hotel) or, if you prefer healthy leisure activities, - try Russian banyas (traditional Russian baths) available at your Hotel – a truly Russian experience!..

Day 2

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You have a complimentary buffet breakfast at the restaurant your Hotel containing both items of European cuisine and traditional Russian specials.
The two Monasteries (one of them is female and the other - male) are separated by a river. Monks and nuns are said to dig a passage to connect them centuries ago. The male (Spaso-Evfimiev) monastery hosts one of the largest museum complexes of the town and a tomb of Dmitriy Pozharskiy – the leader of Russian popular uprising against the Polish invaders in early XVII century. Both are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Although it does not look like its Moscow rival, the local Kremlin is also included into UNESCO list of World heritage and still has a lot of fascinating sights of interest. The white limestone buildings of the local Kremlin may also give you an idea what Moscow Kremlin looked like some 7 centuries ago.
After lunch at one of the fine local restaurants you can spend some time shopping in the narrow streets of this ancient Russian town – please be confident that whatever you buy in Suzdal – alcohol drinks, clothes or objects of handicraft – can be called truly Russian.
After you check-out from your Hotel at around 3 p.m., you get to the village of Kideksha located in a few miles from Suzdal where you can see one of the finest Russian churches of this region – Boris and Gleb Church that is also included in UNESCO list. Although the site desperately needs renovation, on the other hand one can say that it preserves its initial features and the spirit of ancient Russia.
If the traffic allows, you get back to the city by 7-8 p.m., with drop-off at the nearest metro station (“Novogireevo” or “Shosse Entuziastov” in the eastern district). For a small surcharge of 15 USD per person we can also drive you home or to another address within the city boundaries.
Best Price Guarantee

If you find similar private tour offered by lower price by any travel operator in Russia, we will compensate you the difference!

Certified Guides

Our guides are duly trained and educated having official “Guide-Interpreter” certificates issued by such reputable national training centers as NOU “LINGVIKA” and NOU “EXTREME”:

Legal guarantees

We are officially registered as an guiding company under Russian legislation. Before the start of each tour you would have an Tour program Contract and parties’ rights & obligations:

Refund policy
  • 100% Cancellation 7 or more days before start of the tour
  • 70% Cancellation from 6 to 3 days before start
  • 50% Cancellation less than 3 days in advance.


Low prices

do not overpay but get the bargain deals for today!


You can have the tour amended or expanded according to your personal preferences


Your guide focuses on your interests and the issues relating Russia to your home country.

High quality

We have travelled a lot around the world and we will NEVER offer you the services we would not like ourselves!


You can order your private tour both long before you come to Russia and when you are already in town

Different payment

including payment in cash and online without any hidden surcharges. Honesty is our best policy!..

The package includes

Departure from Moscow at 8 a.m., arrival at 8 p.m. the following day;
private transfer in the company of a personal multilingual guide equipped with extensive information materials on the towns you are to visit & multimedia resources;
private guided tour of the sites of interest in the relevant towns/villages, including 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites;
entry fees to all museums & objects of cultural heritage (appr. 10 objects);
an authentic Russian welcome gift for each of the guests;
accommodation at a truly Russian 4 * star hotel in Suzdal with breakfast.

Optional expenses

meals (except for breakfasts);
Russian banyas (from 1600 rubles per hour – private steam bath);
other leisure activities (fishing, horse-riding etc.).

Our rates

1 adult  
499 USD
2 adults  
299 USD
3 adults  
259 USD
4 adults  
229 USD
More than 4 adults  
on request
Children (6-16 years)  
-50 % discount
Special offer: drive in your own car – if you have your own car and would like to use it for a tour with our guide, we are ready to provide you 20 % discount for our Golden Ring tours (legal restrictions apply).

Reviews of this tour

  • Being in Russia on internship for just a few months, I used this chance to see the best of the country. Golden Ring is a must for that purpose as it represents traditional rural Russia, the one it used to be for ages. Here in the US a building is considered historic being just 150 years old – so you can imagine my admiration while we were visiting UNESCO heritage sites built almost 1 000 years ago!..

    Amy, 28, USA

  • Guillaume, 42, France

    Golden Ring is a drink of fresh air after visiting Moscow during the summer heat!.. CheapRussia team made a special offer for us while we were visiting Moscow with our children and we thoroughly enjoyed that weekend tour, all of that – Russian cathedrals, forts, churches, villages, not to forget the Russian banyas!..

    Guillaume, 42, France

  • Georg, 58, Germany

    Although we did not plan our trip well in advance, it was organized really well – all of our wishes and requests have been taken into account. The price we paid was even more attractive – I fancy that such tours could cost 3 or 4 times more in Europe.

    Georg, 58, Germany

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