Kluchevskaya trekking

Venue: the most active volcanic zone of the peninsula along a high-mountain (1200 -1300 meters above sea level) plateau, surrounded by the highest volcanoes on Kamchatka, including the largest active volcano of Eurasia, Kluchevskoy (4850 m), covered with glaciers volcano Kamen (4579 m), the crater of Bezymyanny Volcano and mount on volcano Ostry Tolbachik (3682 m). Part of the trek goes through tundra, where there are plenty of marmots, ground squirrels, foxes, and bird life, and there should be multiple possibilities to see bears.

Level: high. The route is technically difficult, day walks are 6-8 hrs in mountain tundra, on glaciers and on the snow. Only for experienced physically trained travelers, mountaineering experience is required.

When to go: August – Mid-September.

Tour program (can be slightly changed depending on weather conditions and physical abilities of the group):

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Arrival on Kamchatka. Airport transfer. Meeting with guides. Equipment and clothing check.
Drive up North to the village of Kozirevsk (470km, 10 hours), your final stop in civilization. On the way you’ll have a lunch in Milkovo village (200 km). Overnight in a bed and breakfast.
Drive through wild taiga forest to the “Leningradskaya” base at the southern foot heels of Tolbachik volcano. Set up camp. Hike to the cinder cones of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption 1975. Overnight in tents.
Climbing up on Ploskiy Tolbachik volcano (3000m). Set up camp on a summit plateau (3000m). From the top you’ll view most of the volcanoes of Klyuchevskaya group. Overnight in tents.
Hike across a summit plateau an descent to the foot of volcano. Hike through the mountain tundra, full of wild berries, to Tolbachinsky pass (6-8 hrs). Overnight in tents, on the bank of one of the numerous streams.
Hike across the pass to earthquake detection station on the foot of Bezymyanny volcano (6-8 hrs). Half of the way lays on the lava stream covered with small vegetation and inhabited with ground squirrels. On the way a tour of Polennitsa mount. Overnight in tents.
Reserve day in case of bad weather. May be used for radial excursions and relax. Overnight in tents.
Hike to the valley of Bezymyanny volcano to the gorge of river Suhaya Hapitsa (6-8 hrs). You’ll see a huge stone Ambon, which break off the volcano Kamen many centuries ago. Overnight in tents.
Climb on the Volcanologist’s pass (3200m), which lays between 2 highest peaks of Kamchatka – volcanoes Klyuchevskaya sopka and Kamen (6-8hrs). On the descent you’ll admire astonishing view af the east wall of volcano Kamen, cut in a huge collapsed cirque. Overnightintents (may be in the old hut).
Descent by the Bogdanovicha glacier between volcanoes Kamen and Ushkovsky to the valley of river Studenaya (6-8 hrs). Overnight in tents.
Hike to lava canyons on the river Studenaya (4-6 hrs). The canyon is sharpened by water in an ancient lava stream. Excursion around the canyon. Overnight in tents.
Hike through alpine tundra to Kopyto mountain (4-6 hrs). Drive to Kozyrevsk. Overnight in bed&breakfast.
Drive to Petropavlovsk, 10 hours. On a way stop for dinner in Milkovo village. Accommodation in hotel Antarius.

*Tour program can be changed or adjusted upon guests' requests

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permits for national park

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flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy (PKK) from Moscow (starting from 300 USD RT)
airport transfer, accommodation and meal in Petropavlovsk (in case of stay in town)
invitation for Russian visa (if applicable)

Optional guided tours in Petropavlovsk (prices upon request)

sea kayaking
trip to the Pacific Ocean beach
museums in Petropavlovsk
boat trips

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