Moscow city pass


Moscow CityPass is an universal tourist card of Moscow, which allows you:

To visit 40 best museums of the city (average ticket rate for just 1 museum is 8-10 USD per person);

To take a mini-cruise on Moscow river with Radisson Royal cruise line (3 hrs cruise, face value from appr. 15 USD per person);

To get a discount in many restaurants, cafes and other sites of the city

The CityPass is activated the moment it is scanned for the first time at a museum, on a tour bus or on a mini-cruise. Discounts and special offers remain valid even after the CityPass expires. With the card you can save up to 80 % compared to standard ticket rates!

You also get a complimentary city entertainment guide free of charge: 

More detailed info can be found at the web-site of Russia City Pass

If you order a City Pass from us, you can do that online cheaper and save even more - our rates:

  • 1 day:

Adult (16+):  35 USD,

Child (3-16): 29 USD

+ Kremlin museums (optional): 7 USD


  • 3 days:

Adult (16+): 79 USD,

Child (3-16): 65 USD

+ Kremlin museums (optional): 7 USD


  • 5 days:

Adult (16+):  89 USD, Child (3-16): 74 USD

+ Kremlin museums (optional): 7 USD