Payment Options

You can pay for our services online with your bank card or PayPal, as well as in cash upon your arrival. Please submit to us a REQUEST with information on your holiday plans so that we can analyze the availabilities, do the necessary calculations and provide you with the details on the possible options. After you choose one of them and we confirm the availability, we submit to you by e-mail the invoice and a secure payment web-link, as well as the information on the content of your package and refund policy.

Please mind that unlike most major tour operators or hotel chains:

  • we do not oblige you to make a 100 % pre-payment for your package;
  • we do not block any sums on your bank card.

The amount of pre-payment to be made in advance in order to obtain your Accommodation package depends on the hotel policy (refundable or non-refundable booking) and the time remaining before your visit, and most often does not exceed 20-30 % of the price of your package. The remaining sum as well as the price of all Leisure packages chosen by you shall be settled in cash after your arrival in Russia. We will inform you on the particular conditions regarding the amount of pre-payment and refund (cancellation) policy before you obtain our package.

All visa government and consular fees are to be paid to the Russian Embassy/Consulate/ Visa Center according to the relevant regulation published at their websites. The service fees charged by (if any) are to be paid online in advance.  

Please mind that we do our best to ensure the necessary level of security of the transferred data in strict compliance with the requirements of the international payment systems and IT security regulations.