Private Guided Tours

Russia has an enormous number of sights of interest and presents outstanding opportunities for sightseeing that can match almost everyone’s interests, thus it is not so easy to decide what to see and where to go, - especially if your travel to Russia is not very lengthy. In order to make your choice easier, we have prepared a short list of Private tours (day packages) in different spheres according to the main interests of our guests – if you choose to obtain one of such packages, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Low price

Our prices are significantly lower than those proposed by major tour operators even for crowded group programs. As for so called “VIP travel agencies” providing personal guides and level of service similar to ours, they can charge you as much as 100 EUR per hour – more than we do for the whole day package!.. Do not overpay but get the bargain deals for today!


The content of our day packages is specified for your convenience only, and you can surely have them amended or expanded according to your personal interests. For example, if you are interested in poetry of Lermontov more than in Dostoevsky’s classics, we will surely visit Lermontov’s home museum instead. Please do not hesitate to inform us on your interests in advance!

Personalised approach

Instead of being in a large group with a Soviet-style manager you are accompanied by a young personal guide fluently speaking your language who is ready to tell you a lot not only on the tour program but on all other aspects of Russian life and his city development. Also we do make a special accent on the issues relating Russia to your home country and your national culture, including visiting the relevant sights of interest in the framework of our Private tours. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions!

High quality

We travelled a lot around the world ourselves and we will never offer you the services we do not like. We NEVER talk you into shopping at our neighbour’s mall or dining at our friends’ or friends of friends’ – instead we recommend only the top spots highly appreciated by other customers. For example, out of more than 10 000 Moscow restaurants and cafes we recommend for our day packages only those which are in TOP-100 on Tripadvisor list; we provide you with the full info in advance so that you could evaluate that and choose the place you like. Enjoy the best of the best!..


You pay for what you take, not on the contrary. For example, if you order a car, you do not have to pay zillions for waiting time while you dine at a restaurant or walk around a museum. If you need to take a car again, simply call our Hotline using your complimentary SIM-card received within our welcome package, and you’ll get it back within 30 minutes. Honesty is our best policy!..


You can order your private tour both long before you come to Russia and when you are already in town, different payment options, including payment online by your bank card and payment in cash upon arrival, are also available.

Please also mind that our Private tours can be conveniently combined with various Leisure options that CheapRussia proudly offers.