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  • Hotels
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Accommodation packages

We are not a group tour operator trying to push its customers into buying a particular product without much choice, quite on the contrary we are the ones to adjust to all your individual needs and preferences — however, we find that useful that you could find in this section the most popular offers previously purchased by other customers, compare them in order to decide on your own preferences and submit to us the relevant request1.

1. The word PACKAGES is used solely to describe a range of services that can be chosen and purchased by our customers. As all such services can be also purchased individually, a “package” does not imply a travel product under the Russian legislation. The data on prices and content of services is valid as of 01 Jan. 2015, can be subject to changes without prior notice and is provided for information purposes only, cannot be considered a public offer.

    What makes our Packages so special:
  • low prices (up to 50 % cheaper than those proposed by major tour operators and considerably lower than the standard rates proposed directly by the hotels);
  • full flexibility regarding the duration of your stay (from 3 days), your accommodation (either 3*-5* Hotel or an apartment in the city center), as well as the cultural program according to your interests;
  • a range of our exclusive complimentary services;
  • children up to 12 years old stay in apartments for free2!

2. Applicable not for all packages as certain properties impose additional restrictions, please specify how many children accompany you and what is their age while filling the REQUEST form.

If you are interested in combining packages in 2 or more cities, you can choose the relevant packages in each of them; the prices thereof are not increased, on the contrary, if you combine 2 packages of ours, you get a 10 % discount on the second one3. The transportation costs between the cities are not included in package price but reflected as optional in package description (for information purposes).

3. Discount is provided for 1 package with lower price. If you combine 4 packages, you get a discount for 2 of them.

Complimentary Services

    Our exclusive complimentary services in Moscow and St Petersburg include:
  • private transfer to your Hotel/apartment upon arrival in a business-class car with a multilingual guide (alternatively - in Aeroexpress high speed train in case of serious traffic problems);
  • complimentary provision of official tourist Voucher and Confirmation (required to apply for a Russian visa – ссылка на раздел VISA SUPPORT);
  • If you arrive at a hotel - welcome guided tour on foot upon arrival (1 hour) and a discount voucher to a restaurant (caf?/bar);
  • If you stay at apartments – a visit to the nearest supermarket upon arrival with our multilingual guide and a complimentary order of fresh ecological products delivered to your apartment worth 1 500 rubles (i.e.: for initial fridge fill-up4). Alternatively, you can order the delivery of food for an additional fee at any time later online or by telephone5.
  • welcome package (i.e.: information on the city, map, theatre/concert/nightlife agenda and a local SIM-card for cheaper calls and 3G Internet inside Russia);
  • 2 public transport tickets for 5 trips (one for each traveler);
  • online and telephone support provided 24 X 7 in our guests' native languages.

The range of complimentary services available in other cities can be found at the page of the relevant offer.

4. If you choose a guided visit to a supermarket, you are assisted to choose the products you need, but pay for them on your own. If you choose an advance order, we deliver to your apartment the products worth 1 500 rubles. Our standard selection includes: fresh bread, milk, eggs, cheese, sugar, butter, salt, tea, coffee, 2 bottles of beer or soft drinks upon your choice, sausages, fruit upon your choice. If you want to change the selection, please specify that while making your request.

5. Subject to availability — services are provided by an external company. The fee for delivery is 15 USD/12 EUR + price of the products ordered.