Whenever you come to Russia, you can always find something special and taste both the national cuisine and the masterpieces of the best international chefs at amazing restaurants.   

The current economic slowdown presents great opportunities – the most luxurious restaurants now keep their doors open to the public, you would not have to reserve your seats many days in advance and pay the heavy booking surcharges, and thanks to the falling ruble you can enjoy a 5-star dinner at one of the truly world-class restaurants for as little as 30 USD.   

In order to allow you to extract the maximum benefits from the Russian restaurants we provide the following complimentary services:

  • a comprehensive guidebook on Moscow restaurants (updated on the monthly basis) – free of charge;

  • reservation of seats at restaurants upon your choice – free of charge;

  • preparing the individual restaurant program (includes the restaurants in TOP-100 of Tripadvisor rating located close to the place you stay/visit) based on your preferences - free of charge.

Please also mind that within our Private guided tours we also do our best to provide you with the best possible dining options and pay a special attention to that in preparing our programs.

Additional services:

Although many Russian restaurants have menu in foreign languages and even English-speaking staff, there can still be certain problems with communication, also not all properties can be so easy to find, and we do want to make sure that you always have an amazing memorable experience.

Thus, for a most affordable price you can purchase our special restaurant package that includes:

  • reservation of privileged seats in the top-class restaurant upon your choice;

  • private transfer in a business-class vehicle to and from the selected restaurant;           

  • services of a multilingual guide who can help you understand the specifics of the local cuisine, translate the menu and facilitate communication with the waiters;

  • professional-style photo session of your couple.   

If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our 24 X 7 Hotline or reach us on Facebook or via WhatsApp in order to find out the rates and details of our offers.