Why shall I travel to Russia now?

1. Cheap

In just a few months the Russian ruble has lost about 45 % of its value vs. the major world currencies, and the falling ruble actually means that for you everything in Russia has become almost twice cheaper!

    Your travel to Russia could never have been more affordable, in particular:
  • cheap airline fares are available from major European cities and USA proposed by both Russian airlines (due to falling demand) and international low-costers. Thus you can fly to Russia (RT, including all taxes and fees) from as little as: 70 GBP from the UK; 100 EUR from Germany or Austria or 400 USD from the USA. More details – in our TRANSPORT section.
  • due to low demand hotels in Russia have been promoting special offers (complimentary services, bonuses etc.). For example, you can enjoy the luxury at a superior double room of a 5 * star hotel of an international chain for as little as 50 EUR!.. Alternatively, if you prefer staying at home even when you are away, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort and homely atmosphere of luxury city apartments at bargain prices. More details in our PACKAGES section.

2. Easy

There is no longer an “iron curtain” for 25 + years, and Russia is open to everyone around the globe. Even if you have to obtain a visa, it is most likely a pure formality, and we will be glad to provide you with our utmost assistance to have it resolved as fast as possible! More details on obtaining visas for the Russian holidays of your dream can be found in our VISA SUPPORT section.

3. Safe

Despite all the news headlines, travel in Russia is not only cheap, but also reasonably safer than walking through many areas of largest European or US cities, not to talk about Latin America or Africa. As for the foreigners, they are much less likely to get into trouble while on holiday in Russia than at home or while visiting other popular international tourist destinations.

4. Comfortable

You will be able to both enjoy the luxury of Russia at the most affordable rates and to enjoy the well-developed infrastructure of its major cities. You will not get lost while on holiday in Russia as both the public transportation system and streets signs in major cities are equipped with an English translation, moreover, a lot of Russians have mastered foreign languages and will be glad to assist you. Your travel in Russia will never make you feel bored or leave you disappointed, and on our behalf we will do our best to provide you with our COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES that will make you feel at home wherever you stay in Russia.

5. Cosy

Unlike all major tour operators, we offer you an individual personal approach and complimentary services (ccылка на подраздел COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES раздела PACKAGES) that will allow you to discover Russia and its hospitable people beyond the well-known tourist paths and crowded tourist groups. In the meanwhile, being on holiday in Russia you will be assisted 24 X 7 by our young professional staff fluent in your native language! More details on them can be found in OUR STAFF section.

6. Breathtaking

Your Russian holidays will allow you to enjoy the fullest possible flexibility, as it will be us who will adjust our offers to your personal wishes and preferences! Whatever you want – going through the rich history of Russia in its forts and palaces, enjoying art and sculpture in the world-famous museums and galleries, or indulging into Europe’s most vibrant nightlife – all that is possible here and now in Russia! You can discover more details that can make your travel in Russia truly exclusive in our ACTIVITIES section.